TPG Technology Consulting is the largest component of The Powell Group, which consists of six companies with common ownership. They have an extremely close working relationship with each company, and share access to all the resources of the other companies.

The group of companies provides a wide range of services including (but not limited to) expertise in mainframes, UNIX, AS/400, NOSs (NT, Novell Banyan), desktops, networking, project management, call centre/help desk, EDI and application development.

  • Technical project management
  • Enterprise-wide architecture development
  • Business continuity
  • Operating system software support
  • Data centre implementation, including site planning and workload movement
  • Capacity planning and performance management
  • Internet/intranet implementation
  • Large scale application development
  • Client server and web based development
  • Electronic printing and publishing for high volume corporate applications

Our Clients

TPG Technology partners and works closely with many clients in the private and public sector. Clients such as United States Postal Services, Canada Post, Elections Canada, Aboriginal Affairs Canada, National Defence Canada and Human Resources Canada come to us for their IT staffing requirements.


Powell clients