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    Welcome to the Powell Group

    The leading IT Technology Services provider in Ottawa.

    About Us
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    Ottawa's Technology Services Company

    We are a major suppliers of highly skilled IT professional services in the Ottawa area.

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    Strength in numbers

    More than 300 experienced consultants to help you.


As part of the Powell Group, TPG Technology Consulting provides professional services in the Ottawa marketplace. The company has outstanding track record for technology excellence and customer service. As a result, the company has been successful in building a strong customer base consisting of many of the largest users of information systems in the National Capital Region.

Some of our Services

TPG Technology Consulting Ltd. works with approximately 300 professionals and associates, most of whom are senior consultants with ten or more years of experience in information systems. Here are some of the services we provide:

Technical project management
Enterprise-wide architecture
Business continuity
Operating software support
Internet/intranet implementation
Great Support

We work for you with you

See what TPG can do for you.
  • We likely could not have successfully implemented our project but for the guidance, assistance and expertise of TPG.

    Katherine Toulane, CEO, Union Carbide

  • TPG process for identifying long list/short list solutions selection was effective and reflected a clear understanding of our company’s requirements.

    Tony Alezeva, VP Operations, Tangerine Inc.

  • TPG took the time to understand our business and delivered excellent work.

    Mark Riverstone, Managing Director, Suncor